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Voices United is a non-profit youth organization that promotes cross-cultural understanding through the performing and visual arts, and mixed media.  Voices United empowers the multi-cultural youth of Miami to transform hatred into understanding, prejudice into respect, violence into peaceful collaboration, and cynicism into hope.

Devoted to promoting unity and cross cultural understanding through the arts, Voices United is a non-profit educational organization for kids who just want to shine.

Ranging from ages 10 to 21, the dynamic children of Voices United are comprised of dancers, singers, visual artists, musicians, writers and actors representing over 45 schools in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

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The possibilities with Voices United are endless, so don’t miss out!

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1. Empower young people to create and promote solutions to community, national, and world problems.

2. Provide opportunities for young people to explore, develop and share their visions and concerns, and propose solutions to some of the many problems that we face on a global level without endorsing political, ideological, or religious preferences.

3. Promote inter-cultural and inter-racial understanding, tolerance, and appreciation.

4. Provide opportunities for young people to learn and use conflict resolution skills.

5. Provide a safe and accepting environment for young people that develops self-esteem and allows them reach their full  potential.









Voices United, formerly Peace Child Miami, was created in 1989 by 17 year old Katie Christie, a high school senior at Miami’s New World School of the Arts. After traveling to the Soviet Union for a Peace Child arts exchange program, Christie noticed that young people of different races and cultures did not get along or respect each other’s differences.

She also felt that young people faced a multitude of problems without any way to address their concerns. To respond to these challenges, Christie created Voices United to give the young people of Miami a voice. The impact of that voice has been tremendous: over 800 youth from the Miami area have participated in performances seen by 20,000 people, bringing to light the concerns of today’s youth.


Young Leaders Unite (YLU) is a collaborative social networking project initiated by Voices United that strives to engage youth from around the world in meaningful discussion about important global topics by using the arts as an intermediary. YLU functions as an open creative hub where young people interested in photography, visual art, creative writing, music and songwriting can submit their work and share their voice with the world. In order to be truly collaborative, the project will follow a specific pattern: photographers/artists post their photos – writers/poets respond to a photo they select – songwriters submit music inspired by the picture and writing (or it can be the other way around). The collaborative collection will be published together on the YLU page, Youtube and Voices United’s websites. We will be providing monthly key word prompts that can be used as a starting point for the artistic collaborations. We invite young people between the ages 15-35 to participate! Join us for this artistic odyssey!









Click on the link below to see an example of work created on YLU.


The Voices United Movie is an exciting new project that will reach a large audience for years to come.  Utilizing the Voices United Creative Process, an original, musical, feature film will be created by Miami’s youth that explores the challenges in their lives.  The project will include young actors, singers, band musicians, dancers, film makers, photographers and artists ages 10 to 21 from all corners of our community.

The creative process involves youth-directed issue discussions, workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, team building and leadership, and training in theater, dance and music. Each meeting is targeted specifically at issues young people face every day, such as violence, substance abuse, racism, bullying and alienation. Working from the topics discussed, and experiences shared, the cast and director build an original production that speaks on behalf of the entire cast. The Voices United process brings the multi-cultural cast together to learn, and then communicate to audiences both young and old, a message of hope and courage in the face of serious difficulties. The end result is a powerful work created by youth, for yout


The Voices United Experience is an engaging and inspiring workshop that will engage students in a creative process, culminating in their own original artistic pieces or community action projects that address the issues that are most important to our youth.  Like all VU programs, the Salon Series will utilize the Voices United Process, therefore yielding content that is dealing with the challenges facing our youth.

These mini productions can be recorded and used to promote positive messages amongst our youth in our schools, churches, and community organizations.  Bring The Voices United Experience to your students and inspire them to take positive action in their lives and in our communities.

Workshop fees are dependent on size of group and duration of workshop session.

For more information send an email to info@voicesunited.org

CLICK HERE for the The Voices United Experience Registration Form

Past Programs

* 1989 – Peace Child
* 1990 & 1991 – City At Peace
* 1991 – Kids For Kids (cast of hearing impaired and hearing students)
* 1992 & 1993 – Be A Family
* 1994 & 1995 – Standing Tall
* 1995 – Wings of Love Japan (Cast of Japanese & American students)
* 1996 – Stand for Children in Washington D.C.
* 1996 & 1997 – Real Life
* 1990  – 1998 – City At Peace Crew (Touring Company)
* 1995 – 1997 – Summer Leadership Forum
* 2006 – Present – Voices United Touring Company
* 2007 – Help Wanted
* 2008 – Unspoken Voice
* 2008 – World Youth Congress in Quebec City
* 2009 – Lost & Found
* 2009 – Summer Leadership Forum


Telephone. 305.726.4822

E-mail: info@voicesunited.org

Mailing Address: 285 W. Enid Dr, Miami, FL, 33149

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