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Aletta de Wal

Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. is equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur. As Director of Artist Career Training (ACT), she inspires fine artists to make a better living making art through personal consultations, professionally designed educational programs and practical independent study. With a successful track record of creating, producing and selling her own work, managing a studio-gallery and delivering entrepreneurial workshops, de Wal helps fine artists to make more money so that they can get back to making more art.
Los Altos, California

An n Daly
Ann Daly is a consultant to individuals and arts organization. As she explains, “Whether you aim to attract new audiences, to deepen relationships with existing audiences, or to diversify them, my services will guide you toward the most effective approach and strategies.” As one of her clients says, “Ann combines respect for artists’ dreams and visions with pragmatic solutions to make them come true, one sane step at a time. She listens deeply, synthesizes, and reflects back to her clients the best that is within them. Ann helped me articulate my desires around teaching and writing, and locate where they fit into the greater whole of my life. She is sensitive, smart, and savvy.”

Austin, Texas (512) 454-0531

Sylvia White

Contemporary Artists’ Services (CAS), founded by Sylvia White, is designed to help visual artists develop the skills they need to manage their own careers. Long-term career management is provided to artists, including helping artists in their approach to appropriate galleries, museums, critics, curators and private art consultants locally, nationally, and internationally. Sylvia White has organized exhibitions in conjunction with dozens of galleries and museums around the world. She has also traveled around the country giving seminars and lecturing to university and artist groups.


Ventura, California (805) 643-8300
Freea offers a free business program for artists, which allows artists “to expand their reach and grow their businesses organically so they have more time for studio work, life passions, travel, family and friends.” In addition, she hosts affordable, online webinars and classes for artists and provides one-on-one personal coaching to assist artists with all aspects of career development in an authentic and organic manner.
USA & Abroad
Betsy Lewis is an Art Career Consultant, and Art Business Educator. She knows that many artists have difficulty with the business aspects of promoting and selling their art. She notes, “Authentic artwork, by its very nature, is an extremely personal representation of the inner being of an artist. To sell artwork in a business-like way requires a tough skin and an often overwhelming amount of networking, technical skill, and perseverance.” Betsy works to advance the careers of her clients through education, individual and group career coaching, art event productions, and by providing business/marketing services.
Medford, Oregon
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