David Bercovicz

old school graffiti artist


David Bercovicz, aka. Rico1, is a South Florida native, old school graffiti artist, and continues to create art pieces for deep contemplation.
The early years

Born in 1982. He grew up in a home that supported creativity. He was only 8 yrs old when the idea of being a graffiti artist was born!
Rico1 credits his cousin, Lisa with early encouragements of his creativity. Lisa, who spent time in the NYC art scene, would tell Rico1 stories about this strange and captivating world of graffiti art. Among his early influences are old school legend Chico, who inspired David’s own “Rico”. Other early influences include the equally legendary graffiti crew “Msg”, with names like “Doper”, “Seger”, “Kemo”, “Atomick” of the TSC, “Crook”, and of course the king “Chrome”.
Rico1 was heavily influenced by the early graffiti art movement and styles of South Florida, S. Broward, Agroposte, Griffin Penit and the Wall of Fame. In Miami’s rich graffiti scene, Rico1 had the chance to see the old Penits and paint on them before they were closed. These early days are fundamental blocks that made Rico1 the artist he is today.
From the streets to the Board Room

Over the years, “Street Art” has gone through several transformations. From stencil, painting scenes, to crazy faces, and shifts from lettering to more imagery. Street art is ever evolving, and fascinating.
However, an appreciation of the legal view of graffiti as vandalism, propels Rico1’s move from street art to more socially responsible canvases in 1998. And he has not looked back since then!
In making this shift, Rico1 was inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali, and Mc Escher Vasarely. In these early days, these new inspirations, combined with Rico1’s street background resulted in crafting and perfecting one of Rico1’s signature style as reflected in the “Omegapoint”, a psychedelic masterpiece that took 300 hrs and an entire year to complete!




what kind of art do you create?
a combination of street art mixed with pop art. Also Sacred geometry.
What Mediums are using?
Most everything i do is Mixed medium. Paint markers, acrylic paint , Water color and spray paint are all in my arsenal
How long have you been creating art?
I have been an artist since i was a child, As a serious artist i would say in 2009 when the omegapoint was finished was the beggining of the proffesional stage in my journey.
Who are your main influences in art?
In the very early days it was several graffiti artists, crews like fx or even the local msg crew. As i developed into more styles i was inspired and motivated by artists like Mc Escher, Salvador Dali, Victor Vasarely
How much does your art sell for?
It all depends on the piece, pls enquire if interested. A piece like the omega point i asking 50.000 but for most works are 5-10k. and 1-5k for the maller canvases
What projects have you done and who have you worked with. experience etc?
Recently ive created art for Salvatore feragamo, and the Marley family. Ive sold small art work all over the world via the internet. Ive created clothing line for a start up named oe Felon in Los Angeles.
I have done 3 large Canvases For office of The manager of Dj Snake )turn down for what) I have 2 youtube channels, over a million views and 2100 subscribers and counting. The best place to stay up to date on all current news is my facebook page,
Can you do a commisioned piece?
This is no problem. It can be graffiti , pop art, what ever im willing to work wityh you on something special, 50%deposit required
What is the purpoe of your art.
i beleive in asthetics and excellance. I love art that does the interpreting for you. You shouldnt have to be told whats good. It should be obvious
Art should be able to sell itself on some level because it shows you something that is just an expression of creative inspiration.
Where can i see your art?
Pls contact us and we can make an arrangement. I am not currently exhibiting full time in any gallery. This is a strategic choice.
Are you willing to travel to do art?

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